Monday, 23 April 2012

 Attention R4 Fans & Customers!!!

In June 2012, The R4 Forum Was Hacked And Deleted!
Due To The Weekness Of The PHP SMF Forum I Used,
 I Decided To Restore The Forum From Back Up,
I Instead Rebuilt The Main R4 Website In Pure HTML!!
Making No Weakness For SQL Injection.
And Easy To Back Up, Load Elsewhere, Etc.

Sadly All R4 Forum IDs Are Gone, At Main R4 Site,
You Can Now Goto Chat Area, And Make Account Again!
Just Put ID And Pass, And Register :)
Then You Have What Im Now Calling, An R4 Chat ID!!




If You Tryed The Normal Site And Got Directed Here..
Then The Main R4 Site Is Probably Down Right Now!

If You Found This, Or Got Sent Here.. Then I Recommend,
You Visit The Main Site, Where You Can See Programs,
Advertised Properly, And Where Help For Programs...
Is Available!!!

Main R4 Site Is:

If indeed its Down for Some Reason and you End up here!
All the Information Is Available Here, For Getting Yourself,
Access To The Great R4 Softwares, Like God Of Voice Modern
And The Might R4 Vox!! And More...

See The Right Side, For Page Options!!!
There Is A Page For Pricing... And Page For Donations!
So That You Can Make Your Donation To Access Software!!

Thanks For Choosing R4!!